Intelligent Capture


ERP systems are the financial nerve center of any organization, and yet, what is in front of many ERP systems? Manual, semi-automated, antiquated, paper-based financial processes that make it difficult to get information into these ERP systems. What every organization needs is Intelligent Capture to Get All Those Chaotic Incoming Documents Under Control.

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Time is Valuable

Saving time is a necessity in any business. Automating your Accounts Payable process can take invoice processing time down from 20.8 to 3.8 days. With using Accu-Image electronic invoicing system, all members of the AP department, including managers and accountants, are able to follow the invoice digitally through the system with ease. The manager can then quickly make comments, review, reject, and approve the invoice.calender

Benefit of Automated Accounts Payable Workflow?

Saving you MONEY!

When you automate your accounts payable workflow process, you will never accidentally pay an invoice twice, overpay an invoice, lose an invoice or make late payments because someone on staff dropped the ball and overlooked a due date. The system will alert you to duplicates, non-invoices, and alert you when an invoice has not been approved.